The Free Range Butcher

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This story began in 1983 when the Clinch family bought 3000 acres in Barraba north of Tamworth and called it ‘Blue Hills’. “I grew up on the farm just like most country kids, collecting our own ego, weeding the veggie garden and milking the cows” says Ben Clinch. The family hadn’t thought of selling their meat before they dined out on nondescript grain fed steak in one of Sydney’s best restaurants. “We had better steaks sitting in our fridge at home” says Ben. And so The Free Range Butcher began. “Our mission has always been to produce products which are ethical, sustainable and traceable” says Ben. The Free Range Butcher produces grass fed beef, lamb and pork and sources poultry locally. The Blue Hills property is in an area know for it’s rich basalt soils and high rainfall. It s perfect country for raising free range produce, that is animals in the open, feet on the ground and eating grass. Essentially the animals are free to do whatever they please. “The cornerstone of our farming philosophy is soil health, without that you can’t produce quality pastures and our stock can’t grow to their full potential naturally”.

“These days customers want to buy direct from a farmer, from someone who cares” says Ben.
The Free Range Butcher has traded at every market day since day1 and is a customer favourite.

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