Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions of business for all stallholders who attend any market/special event operated by the The Parklife Partnership Pty Ltd – henceforth referred to as ‘Manager’

All stallholders must submit an Application and be approved, and authorised by the Manager prior to Trading at any Market operated by the Manager. Written authorisation will be given from the Manager for a specific Market and may include specific conditions or restrictions regarding the Stallholders attendance. Upon Submitting an application and the payment of any fee, or commencement of trading with the Manager, Stallholders and any employees of the stallholder agree to the below Terms & Conditions and also any additional Stallholder information (included on the Website & Welcome Email) specific to each particular Market. Stallholders also agree that the Manager may withdraw, change or replace these Terms & Conditions at any time and the Manager will post a notice of change to the Terms & Conditions on the website.

Disclaimer. By attending any market/special event managed by The Parklife Partnership Pty Ltd, you agree that you are not in any contractual conflict with any other market or Organisation, nor are you prohibited from trading for any other reason. The Parklife Partnership Pty Ltd, its managers and employees can be in no way held liable for any losses or legal action taken against you if you are held in breach from any existing or previous contracts or agreements.

Application: means any electronic or written correspondence that has been submitted by a Stallholder when applying to the Manager for approval to trade at the Market.

Approved Products: means products/items and services that the Manager has approved the Stallholder to sell and offer for sale at the Market. Products/items and Services must be described in the Application otherwise approval may not be given. The Manager reserves the right to only approve a limited selection of the products/items and services as provided in the Application or revoke approval of products/items or services that are permitted to be sold at the Market at any time. Approval for additional products/items and services will need to be requested in writing by Stallholder prior to bringing products/items or Services to the market.

Designated Stallholder Parking: means an area where the Stallholder is obligated to park their Vehicle for the duration of the Market. This includes the vehicles of Staff, employees, contractors, agents, contractors and Family members who are working at the Stall.

Gazebo: means any covered structure that is erected within the boundaries of the Stall and can include but not limited to Marquee, Tent and Umbrella.

Manager: means The Parklife Partnership Pty Ltd (ABN 15 159 850 941), its employees, staff and contractors which has the permission to operate, control and regulate the Market including the authority to approve or withhold approval to any person/s or legal entity to attend, occupy or Trade at a Stall at the Market.

Market: means any Market operated by The Parklife Partnership Pty Ltd and/or specific Market nominated by a Stallholder in the Application.

Market Manager: means the person/s appointed by the Manager to manage the day-to-day trading of the Market.

Market Area: means a designated area for each Market that is decided by the Manager and defined by a perimeter that may include Stall Sites, Entertainment, Seating and Vehicles. This area may change depending on the location of the Market and the specific Market. Maps of the Market Area can be viewed on the Website.

Stall Site: means an area within the Market that is designated by the Manager to a Stallholder for the sole purpose of Trading. This area is usually 3mx3m for The Beaches Market & Palm Beach Market . 2.4m is preferred for Lane Cove Makers Market. Any additional area will need to be approved by Manager.

Stall Holder: means a person/s, legal entity and their employees, agents, contractors, consultants and family members that have been granted approval and authorization by the Manager to use a Stall Site for the purpose of Trading at the Market.

Stall Fee: means the amount charged by the Manager and payable by the Stallholder 48 hours prior to attending a Market. The Stall Fees for each Market are on the Website.

Trading Hours: means the hours that a Market trades between.

Website: means the internet address www.thebeachesmarket.com that is controlled by the Manager.

    1. The Beaches Market – Fridays 8am -1pm
    2. Lane Cove Makers Market – 3rd Sunday of the Month 9am – 3pm
    3. Palm Beach Market – 4th Sunday of the Month 9am – 3pm
    4. Special Events – as per the advised hours for the particular event.
    1. Please also see Website for specific information regarding the market you are attending.
    2. Stall Holders will have access to their Stall Site 1.5 hour before start of Market. Stallholders must occupy their Stall Site and be ready to trade 15 mins before Market starts and continue trading until end of Market Trading Hours.
    3. If a Stall Holder is going to be late, they must contact the market manager by calling 0452 446 556 approximately 1(one) hour before the start of Trading Hours or their site may be allocated to another Stall Holder.
    4. Stall Holder Vehicles may enter the Market Area to unload directly to their Stall Site at The Beaches Market & Palm Beach ONLY. 20 min Max unload time and 1 Vehicle per Stall Site. Lane Cove Makers Market does not have Vehicle Access.
    5. Stall Holders MUST unload all Equipment and Remove Vehicle as quickly as possible from Market Area before setting up stall. Lane Cove Makers Market does not have Vehicle Access.
    6. All Vehicles associated with the Stall Site are to be parked in Designated Stall Holder Parking for the specified Market. $25 fee may apply if Vehicle is not parked correctly. Maps are available that show the location of the Designated Stall Holder Parking.
    7. Vehicles may NOT enter the Market Area within 30 mins prior to the start of Market Trading Hours.
    8. Stall Holders will be required to carry all equipment to Stall Site from outside the Market Area if they arrive within 30 mins of Start of Trading Hours.
    9. All Vehicles MUST be out of the Market Area 20 mins prior to the start of Trading Hours.
  3. PACK UP:
    1. Stall Holders may only commence pack up at the end of Trading Hours or as directed by Market Manager.
    2. Vehicles will not be granted access, for any reason, to the Market Area until 15 mins after the end of specified Trading Hours. Lane Cove Makers Market does not have Vehicle Access.
    3. Stall Equipment must be completely packed down before Vehicle is brought into Market Area.
    4. Vehicles may enter the Market Area of The Beaches Market & Palm Beach Market to Pack Up directly to your Stall Site. One (1) vehicle per stall space in the Market Area at a time. Lane Cove Makers Market does not have Vehicle Access.
    5. Stall Holders must vacate the Market Area within 90 minutes of the end of Trading Hours or will incur an overtime charge of $25 for every 15mins or part thereof.
    1. Stall Holders contact details must be kept up to date with the Manager and provide consent to be contacted by email and phone.
    2. Stall Holders must have a current public liability insurance policy with a minimum cover of $10,000,000. No Stall Holder will be allowed to trade at the Market without proof of this cove Stall Holders must supply, to the Market Mangers, a copy of their current Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance. A $10 charge applies if we do not have a copy of the current policy.
    3. Stall Holders are not permitted to cease trading or leave the Market before the end of Trading Hours of the specified Market unless authorised by a Market Manager.
    4. The speed limit in the Market and surrounding area is 5kph. Hazard lights must be in operation on all vehicles and windows down whilst travelling through the market and adjacent areas. Maps of the market area can be viewed on the Website.
    5. Stall Holders must leave their Stall Site free of rubbish. It is the responsibility of the Stall Holder to take ALL waste from the Stall Site at the end of the day. Failure to clean up adequately will incur an immediate cleaning charge of $35 payable to the Market Manage
    6. Any damage to surfaces (grass/ground) from use of vehicle, cooking, liquids etc. must be repaired at the expense of the Stall Holder.
    7. On-site bins are strictly for Customer use only. Stall Holders are not to place waste refuse such as packaging materials, plants, boxes, empty cartons, cooking oil containers e, in the On-site bins. Any trader found to be using these On-site bins will incur a $35 fee for each bin they use.
    8. All public walkways and aisles must be kept completely clear at all time
    9. No dogs or other animals may be brought into the Market area.
    10. Stall Holders must ensure that their Gazebo is secured to the ground by means of weights (pegs may also be used at The Beaches Market only, not at Palm Beach or Lane Cove) . Gazebos must not be tied to tables or equipment. If wind is blowing continuously at 40 KMPH (5 on the Beaufort Scale) Gazebo canopies must be re If winds reach 60 KMPH (7 on the Beaufort Scale) the Market may be abandoned by the Market Managers. All responsibility for accident or damage caused to person or property by unsecured Gazebos or any other Stall Holder equipment or possessions will be assumed by the Stall Holder and not the responsibility of the Market Mangers or Local Council.
    11. If a Stall Holder wishes to sell products labeled as Organic, they must provide documentation from an accredited certification authority for each product and label accordingly. If this certification documentation is not available for the manager’s inspection, that product will not be allowed to be sold as Organic.
    12. Documentary evidence must be provided for any seller of meat to prove that it was obtained from a licensed butcher.
    13. Stall Holders are NOT permitted to smoke within the Market Area, or in the case of The Beaches Market, anywhere on the GRASS. Fine of $110 is payable for smoking at the Market. $25 cleaning fee per Cigarette butt.
    14. Stall Holders must wear appropriate footwear at all times.
    15. The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse entry to the Market and/or terminate the Stall Holder’s participation at any time. Rude and/or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate expulsion of that person and their Stall from Market.
    16. Food Stalls need to have a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate (where applicable) and follow all NSW Food Safety Requirements. The Beaches Market & Palm Beach Market also require ALL food stalls to have a current Northern Beaches Food Stall Permit. Please see the local Council and NSW Food Authority Websites for more information or email us to obtain the forms.
    17. No Single-Use plastic are allowed. Where possible recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products and packaging are to be used.
    1. A Designated Stallholder Parking Area is provided on Market days and must be used by all Stall Holder Vehicles (unless allowed by the Manager to park behind the Stall).
    2. Parking by Stall Holders or Staff in designated Customer parking areas is not permitted. A $25 additional charge on top of the stall rent will be charged to stallholders for each Vehicle belonging to the Stall Holder or Staff that DO NOT park in the correct location. If you are unsure where to park, ask a Market Manage
    3. Maps of the Designated Stall Holder Parking areas are provided with the welcome email.
    1. The Beaches Market – 3m x 3m Stall Site
    2. Lane Cove Makers Market – 2.4m x 2.4m, 3m x 3m and Table Only spaces
    3. Palm Beach – 3m x 3m stall Site
    4. Special Events – 3m x 3m Stall Site
    1. Stall Holders must provide all of their own Equipment. The Beaches Market requires the addition of appropriate ground cover/ matting for the entire Stall Site that the Stall is occupying. This is to prevent damage to the grass surface.
    2. The Market Managers provide the Site only. Stall Holders must therefore bring everything they require for their stall with them, including gazebos, tables, tablecloths, stall signage etc. No refund of stall fee is applicable to traders failing to bring any display, set-up Equipment or protection for their goods, even if the Stall Holder is unable to set up.
    3. Stall Holders will be allowed a maximum of 2x(9kg) LP gas cylinders (which must be in accordance with AS1596-1989) at their Stall and must also have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and ground shee
    4. Electrical supply is not guaranteed by the Market Managers but is available on approval. Access will be granted to a limited number of designated Stall Sites at the discretion of the Market Manage
    5. Electrical equipment must be tested to Australian Safety Standard AS Electric cables must be tagged in accordance with Work Cover requirements and must be equipped with a circuit breaker.
    6. Stall Holders must provide their own extension leads to reach their site from the power supply. Extension cords must be tagged in accordance with Work Cover requirements. This length will vary from site to site. Rubber mats must be provided by the Stall Holder to cover the full length of the cable from stall to supply.
    1. Payment in advance will guarantee a Stall Site at the Market for the day that has been paid for (subject to arriving on time). Stall Sites are non transferable.
    2. Stall Sites will be allocated on each Market day by the Market Managers and the Managers decision on this matter is final, even if a Stall Holder has traded on a particular Stall Site at a previous Market.
    3. Setting up cannot commence before the Market Managers approval as Stall Site locations may require to be changed.
    4. Being able to trade without a confirmed booking or paid Stall Site is subject to Market Manager approval of product and space availa
  9. Fees / Payments / Cancellation
    1. Stall fees for specified markets can be viewed at thebeachesmarket.com/pricing and are subject to change and variation at the Managers discretion.
    2. Fees are charged per standard stall size as per specific Market.
    3. Stalls start on the casual rate and will go to permanent rate once a stall has traded continuously for 4 weeks.If a stall does not turn up or cancels a market for any reason they will go back to the casual rate for 4 weeks
    4. Any stall not trading every market is classed as casual. Casual traders will also be required to pay in advance of the market.
    5. Power is charged at $20-$50 per outlet dependent on usage. Power usage will be assessed and decided by the Market Manage The power charge is still payable by any Stall accessing power even if a Stall Holder shares a power outlet with another Stall (piggy backing).
    6. If payment for Stall Site is not showing in the Markets dedicated bank account by Market day then Stall fee must be made in cash on the Market day.
    7. If a Stall fee is not showing in the Markets dedicated bank account 48 hours following the Market that the Stall Holder attended, then a $25 late payment fee is payable in addition to the Stall Fee.
    8. If a Stall cancels their attendance within 48 hours before start of Market Trading Hours then a $25 cancellation fee may be charged to that Stall, payable immediately or added to their next Stall
    9. If a Stall cancels their attendance within 24 hours of the start of Market Trading Hours then the full Stall Fee for that day may be payable.
    10. If a Stall Holder exceeds the standard Stall Size, they will incur a further full Stall Fee unless authorized by Market Manager. All signs, stock and tent pegs must be kept within Stall Site boundarie
  10. REFUNDS:
    1. Our Markets are All-Weather Markets which meansBad Weather will not result in a refund of monies paid unless the Managers declare the Market to be cancelled.
    2. Only in the event of hazardous weather or other extenuating circumstances will the Managers declare the Market to be cancelled.
    3. If a refund is due because of a cancelled market it can be used towards other Markets or it can be provided as a refund to a bank account or Credit Card within 48 hours of cancellation.
    4. Refunds requested by stall holders due to changing their mind/cancelling their attendance incurs a $10 refund fee for administration.
  11. RIGHT OF REFUSAL:If the Market Managers feel that the stall or trader is no longer suitable for the Market, or their display/stall is deemed by the market managers to be unfit for, or cause detriment to the market appearance on a whole, then that stallholder will be issued a written notification from the Market Managers advising that they will not be offered a stall position in the future. Notification must include the reasons for the decision for them not to be offered a position in the future.
    1. All stallholders must treat other stallholders & Market Managers with respect. Bullying or insulting behavior including verbal and non-verbal aggression, abusive, threatening or derogatory language & physical abuse or intimidation is unacceptable.
    2. If the Market Managers receive a written complaint, in regard to a breach of the Code of Conduct by a stallholder. The Market Managers will investigate the allegation and may refuse the offending stallholder a stall position. The right of refusal must be advised to the stallholder in writing.
    1. All complaints are to be directed in writing to info@thebeachesmarket.com
    2. Manager will not be held liable for any claims made by customers against Stall Holders, regarding faulty, inedible or misrepresented products sold by Stall Holders at the Marke All complaints made by Customers regarding any product, food, or service sold at any specific Market by any Stall will be referred back to the Stall Holder to deal with. If satisfaction on the matter is not gained then the matter will be referred to the ACCC and the Office of Fair Trading.